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Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

South Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Our Developments

If you are looking for a spectacular flat walk on waterfront property on a big beautiful BC lake, look no further. We have more walk on watefront for sale than any other developer in BC, period.

Galena Shores - Waterfront for Generations

Galena Shores is SOLD OUT. However, there are resales available. Please contact us for information on those resales.

In a time burdened by too much technology, with little opportunity to kick back and relax, the concept of a pristine retreat is more welcome than ever before.  Come to Galena Shores, where natures splendor is still on display. 

  • Prices from $175,000 - $388,000
  • Lots range from .5 (.2 Ha) acres to 1 acre (.4 Ha)
  • 31 waterfront lots
  • 29 view lots
  • Waterfront frontages range from 83' - 94' (20m-28.5m)
  • Building envelope frontages range from 73'-100' (22m-30m) for width on waterfront lots and from 64'-100' (20m-30m) for width on view lots

This is a fully serviced development (power, water, septic, telephone) with individual titles available November 2011.

Fortunes Landing - Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Camping Only

Arrow Lakes Developments Ltd. (ALDL) with Fortune's Landing provides an answer to the challenge of expensive waterfront property.

We are no longer marketing Fortunes Landing. However, if you are interested in this type of offering please contact us.

  • 100' of flat sandy waterfront frontage
  • 1 acre lot
  • No building commitment
  • Trivial carrying costs
  • You are on the title now and in the future. It is your land.
  • The price is less than $100,000.

In order to keep your initial and ongoing costs to a minimum this is a limited feature development. Fortunes Landing is for people that want affordable waterfront, peace and quiet and don't mind roughing it (a little).